The triumph of classical music in 2021

Despite the pandemic and the confinements, classical music continues to triumph in France. Classical music figures are being decorated in the midst of the health crisis. A singing actress and two students received awards for their efforts to forever venerate one of the musical wonders that is classical music.

Awarding soprano Marie-Laure

Carrying Wagner's Tanhaüser Aria through her sweet voice, racking up victory after victory, our singer receives an award in the Lyon auditorium. At the age of 30, she stood up in the auditorium of Lyon, a town in France, to receive the Revelation Lyrique award. Thus, the famous singer from the overseas regions increased the popularity of her little known region by accumulating glory after glory. She has come here to celebrate her twenty-eighth victory in classical music. Proof that you don't need to have noble origins to become someone important. The Guyanese Marie-Laure is an example for the youth of her people and those of all the underdeveloped regions of the planet.

The Conservatory in Joy

Moved by the victory of its two students, the conservatory expresses its great joy at the presentation of the trophies. Aurelian Gnignoux and Adélaïde Ferrière, a marimba expert, celebrate the victory of their conservatory. The two classical music figures were awarded the Victoire d'Honneur, which until then had only been given to very high-ranking artists. However, these two students proved their competence during the event, which earned them this victory. Some will match them with international artists.
On the other hand, it should be noted that this is only part of the triumph of classical music. In the wake of this, Betty Jolas, on the composers' side, was also decorated at the age of 94; a true figure of classical music. Alexandre Théraud, instrumental soloist, was also awarded.
The health crisis does not stop the victories of classical music. This is what the figures of classical music testified to at the Lyon auditorium by triumphing during the event.

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