Death of Thione Seck: Senegal mourns

The king of Mbalax music dies after 66 years. It's bad news for Senegal, which has lost one of its griots. The family of the deceased and his relatives are mourning. Follow the last days of the famous singer Thione Seck and the funeral he was entitled to.

Last moments of the life of the famous singer Thione Seck

The last days of the Tama and Saba figure were the saddest of his life. Caught with a satchel containing millions of fake banknotes, the legendary king of Mbalax music was locked up for 9 months before being put on trial. A trial that ended with Thione Seck being locked up for 3 years. The latter claims to have been the victim of a scheme set up by Gambians. It seems that the latter had promised him 105 million euros for a series of 105 concerts in the European provinces. Sad news for the singer: the millions of euros were only fake money. Thanks to the absence of a lawyer during his trial, the Senegalese Supreme Court managed to overturn his conviction after 3 years. This happened around his 66ᵉ birthday. 66 years since his birth on 12 March 1955, the musician was unable to enjoy his family during his final days following the tragedy he suffered in the last moments of his life.

The funeral of the Mbalax king

Death has no mercy for its victims. It has struck again in Senegal, plunging a whole family of griots into mourning following the loss of one of their most cherished members. Accompanied by a whole population, Thione Ballago Seck was buried in the cemetery of Yoff, a commune of the capital. His greatest hits were Diaga and Allô petit. Youssou N'Dour, Omar Pène and Ismael Lô recalls the goodness and sincerity of the deceased in honour of his memory.
Despite this tragedy, Senegal will remember the king of Mbalax, the famous Thione Seck, again and again.

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